MTH Networks

OFNL Network Service Provider

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Improve the way you connect to the internet, with full fibre provision on the OFNL Network from MTH Networks. From Internet to telecoms, we’ll reduce your admin problems and increase your productivity.

MTH Networks is a Trading Name of Monkey Tree Hosting Ltd. We focus on the Networks and Connectivity arm of the business, providing future proof solutions.

Broadband.Keep Connected,
Keep Growing

With speeds of up to 360Mbps on the OFNL Network, frustrating internet connectivity need never slow you down again. Boost your bandwidth with our top broadband speeds.

Mobile Contracts.Mobile Contracts Made Easy.

Mobile contracts are made easy with our sim-only, simple mobile solutions. Vodafone or O2 - we can provide better service, at a better price. Providing all the savings straight to your pocket.

Voice over IP (VoIP)Flexible, Future-Proof

Hosted VoIP is the future of telecommunications so get ready for tomorrow, today. Discover a better way to work. And work better.